Sunday, September 27, 2009


I know I had something to say either last night or this morning, I know I did. I am sure that I did, but where did those thoughts go, and what did they contain/say? I wished I knew, I really do they felt so profound and resonant.

I think it was last night as I was parking the car or maybe late in the evening as I was scanning or retouching photos. It was groundbreaking, awe inspiring, left of center and right of far out. I know for sure it was all this and more, best thing since sliced bread, better than Ezra, the whole enchilada...

But all for naught, it's now been forgotten it seems. Oh well, so it goes...

Good night and good luck.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

And in the end....

Much like myself I know some twentysomethings that try to do more than is physically possible for one person to do no matter what their abilities. Currently I am attempting to scan any number of rolls of film all the while I am juggling a family, a full time job including OT (which I have on a regular basis) and some things on the back burner oh and then I like to ride my bike. I frankly can't see how it's done without going slightly insane. I have so many rolls and I am hating Nikon right now for their poorly designed and maintained software.

So why do we do this to ourselves?

Are we afraid of something? Death, extinction, demise? What is it? I ask because I haven't yet determined what that unquantifiable element is as yet. If you possess a clue, please for god's sake pass it on to me!

It's been awhile since my last post, but like a certain person I feel no one reads this anyway, although she posts on a regular frequency and I applaud her for her commitment and tenacity regardless but I feel I reach next to no one, but she has more than a few followers and me thinks she gets some readership beyond the friendly nod. Oh well so it goes and now I must sleep so I can wake and start the work week extra bloody early.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The teeter totter mindset

>>The past few weeks my mind has been clouded by doubt, low self esteem and anxiety when concerning anything related to the arts and photography. Fear and loathing in Lost Wages. I am not a commercial, pro or freelance anything except human soldering station, so when it comes to photography my mind goes awry with worry about the who, why, what and how (the where is the easy part).

Recently after looking at a Yahoo group that concerns itself with DIY black and white imaging I began to feel a little more at ease with my self and loosened the grip I had on my psyche with regards to photography.

Will I succeed? That remains to be seen, but I need to plant my feet on the ground and start moving with confidence.<<

Well this was how I felt a week or so ago when I started this post, but now after looking through some old stuff the old again and trying to sort some things self doubt crops up again. Too much anxiety about things overall. Organization is beyond me, I falter just thinking about it but it's what needs to be done if I ever want to do anything besides collect butterflies. And then there's having a plan, harumpf I come up with these all the time only to find out they were premature in concept and short on follow through. I wished I could just push the whole thing off a cliff or crush it under a 10 ton truck.

Monday, July 13, 2009

MJ - aiding and abetting the downfall

Now that the dude is buried (more or less) let's throw off the sequined glove shall we?

I really feel this whole Michael Jackson thing is a farce and the MSM has blood on their hands along with his family, his hangers on, the industry and most of all MJ himself. OK so enough already with the kudos and memorials and teary eyed remembrances from friends, industry people and misguided fans.

He among other things molested children, and add to that he got them drunk in order to have his way. It is a documented and undisputed fact.

I'm going to let him slide on the drugs and the material excess, as Elvis was not immune to those nor plenty of others before them both. But now concerning the pedophilia, that's a whole other matter. Funny thing is, is that the MSM and society VILIFY anyone resembling a molester, sexual predator or pervert. Period. And from all accounts he was all of these. So why does he get a pass? Or rather how...?

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, that's how, I perceive. They put up the instant karma shield from retribution and malicious intent around the legacy that is "The King Of Pop" simply by putting themselves to work for the estate and giving the air of victim legitimacy they are so pro at, plus add to that the MSM seeing a golden opportunity to cash in and of course not wanting to bite the gloved hand that will be feeding them for some time, they decide to keep mum on the whole sordid mess concerning little boys, 'Jesus juice' and masturbation.

Now granted there can always be some gray area in terms of intent, consent etc that confuses things to some degree, but we're not talking about the average schlub or situation here, but someone who is almost godlike in his star status taking advantage of impressionable young boys by using that status to have his way with them. And then pays millions in lawyer's fees to achieve a settlement and in the process casts the shadow of pimps and small time hustlers over the parents of the boys to disguise his reprobate and highly manipulative nature.


And so you paid them off, essentially got off scot free and went on to build up debt like the US of A and then make a comeback only to die before the opening show. Now you're a prince of peace, an angel, a dove heading toward heaven a, a, a freakin' con man of staggering proportions. And everyone around you was eager to please the King of Pop, to any extreme it seems.

Yes, you were extremely talented and willing to put your all into whatever you took on and it showed almost beyond compare. But you were also beset by demons that nothing you did could slough off no matter how hard you tried and frankly in the end it was your undoing because I don't think you put the same effort in ridding yourself of them as you did in creating/recreating yourself and spending money you didn't have. They killed you man, they had control of you and they flatlined your ass into the ER and you let them. Paid them in fact. You let them Michael, you alone, plain and simple.

And now I'm supposed to feel sorry for you? No, sorry man I'll have to leave that to those who had a vested interest in your love and affection and could see past your faults. Meanwhile let me try and get back some of that lost time I have from ingesting and digesting all that is MJ.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's pic of the day

A shot from the beach head at La Jolla, south of the cove. Rode from home to Pacific Beach, then up to La Jolla and over to Miramar and then back home via Kearney Villa Road. All in all a nice day with a 34 mile workout.

Observation for the day: Wealthy areas have as bad of roads or worse than the lesser areas... La Jolla, I'm talkin' to you!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A year's worth of cycling...

So it's been a year since I started riding as a consistent habit, granted at times it hasn't been very consistent. But let's see what I've achieved in the last year...

>I could hardly make it up Clairemont Mesa Bl, in either direction. Now it's nothing (provided
I'm warmed up...).

>I rode up Torrey Pines once on the Kona SS and thought I was going to kill myself doing so,
now I do it regularly on the LeMond. It still kicks my butt somewhat, but I'm huffing and
puffing less and gaining perseverance.

>I used to think that 15 mph and a 80 or 90 rpm cadence were impressive. OK I'm still not the
fastest thing on 2 wheels, but I can crank out 100 rpms and 25 mph for a bit without much

>10 miles was a major undertaking, but after I inadvertently rode a metric century (67 miles)
because I rode 15 plus miles to and from the 26 mile sponsored ride, 10 miles is nothing.

>I still haven't cracked 40 mph, but then I'm not in any hurry so 37 is the top measured speed so
far and I can average 30-33 down Torrey Pines without cinching up my butt too much.

>I have improved my pedal stroke, now I can feel a more consistent, smooth circular motion
when I keep focused on my job.

>I can fix a lot of the parts on the bike (except threaded head sets...) and feel comfortable tearing
into anything on it, tho I've yet to work on the derailleurs.

> My blood pressure is normal and my weight is down, I can also slip into a size 29!

Well that about sums it up on accomplishments over the past year. Now to the next year:

> I had planned on trying a full century (100 miles) this past year and several nice rides came
and went because of lack of planning and decent training for the ride. So I plan on doing one
this year, if not a full 100 miler, than a 67 metric on a moderately difficult course.

> Another bike, or maybe make over the LeMond with new paint and some new bars and stem. I
might even spring for a new chain...

> Keep on working on my pedaling to get smooth and powerful, not so much for racing or such,
but for endurance and efficiency.

So to the next 12 months! Cheers!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello World

Yup another one of those "Been awhile, I'm still alive as if you out there in the internets really even cared to ask.." posts.

Too much going on to find time to blog, and then there's Facebook that massive time stealer and all that that entails. I still ride the bike, still shoot photos and I still have a day job. I did move across the street and then immediately went on a vacation, just in case anyone wants to know... Oh yeah I still have a family as well and a car payment...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Power up!

Well it hasn't been a year since I bought the iPhone (used mind you...) but the battery seems to be needing a replacement. The amount that I use the device in a given day hasn't changed radically but the battery amount left at the end of the day has.

So do I send it off for a replacement and a small fortune (OK about 75-100 dollars) and leave the work to someone else? Or do I just pay some pittance for the parts (and a useful tool) and do this all myself?

Why hell folks that's a rhetorical question! Naturally I do it my damn self!

I can operate a soldering iron and I've taken apart many a small electronic device so what am I waiting for? The parts of course, I just ordered them...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Opps I did it again...

Well I've gone and done it again.... I've bought another camera and am getting back into the swing of photography. What I really wish is that this time I'd take it seriously enough to go somewhere with it, I feel I'm trying this time but as Yoda wisely said once "there is no try, only do". So do I must.

Oh wait I forgot to mention I'm talking film here... I have a digital camera, but I wanted to shoot film and delve into the 'process' again as much as possible.

I've owned plenty of cameras in the past, oh the tales my wallet and credit cards could tell, but I want to look past all that previous excess and foolish endeavoring and get to the point of the matter.

My main objective is that I have an opportunity that I want to not so much 'exploit' but to take advantage of as a jumping off point for a furtherance of my passion. Wish me luck and send me flowers or better yet rolls of film and bottles of developer...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Protectin' yer noggin...

I have wrecked twice since I've begun riding regularly. Once in the midst of a sponsored bike ride with dozens of riders bearing down on my body (thankfully none hit me), I was OK save for some rash and a sprained right ring finger. I finished out the ride, although a bit slower than when I had started out. My helmet seemed to be fine, just a small dent where my head had contacted the asphalt (I was going about 15 or so mph), I wore it like a medal along with the road rash.

My more recent crash was about a month ago and I took 2 and a half weeks off from riding, mostly because of rain and some thigh pain, then it became some reluctance or rather lack of interest on my part. I've resolved all of these and am riding regularly again. What I didn't do after the last crash was to inspect my helmet thoroughly and today after reading through a helmet thread in Bikeforums, I decided I should do just that.

Boy was I surprised, I found a section of foam near the strap had cracked completely through. There was only one thing to do, replace it. So I did just that and I rode down to the Performance store down in Sorrento valley and dropped 53 bucks on a new one during my lunch hour (then put in a good climbing workout). Granted I was taking a chance by having the broken one on my head to begin with, but something is always better than nothing and something new is certainly better than something that is broken.

But the bottom line is that in both incidences I was glad to have had on a helmet, as my head solidly hit the pavement on both occasions and during the second crash my head slid along the railroad track crossing for a few feet. And for a very nominal investment one can significantly protect one's head and the contents within. I have had debates with a certain people person about the merits of wearing one regardless of if it messes one's hair or not... Caaaitlin!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back in the saddle...

Like all the kids say/text these days... OMG!

After 2+weeks of very little riding on a real or stationary bike, I like an idiot jumped in head first and rode a bit too hard to start. It wasn't long and I thought I was going to have a heart attack! I was out of breath and my heart was pumping hard, hard enough to cause discomfort. I slowed down to catch my breath and all but it wouldn't be long and then I'd find myself in the same spot again.

I'm going at it again tomorrow but I plan on taking it real easy. I'm glad I didn't plan on commuting tomorrow, I'd probably kill myself!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This just in...

The bicycle finally enters the 21st century...
and the robot overlords are nearing their goal!

The amount of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum alloys out there and in a bike these days along with some of the cylocomps, HRM and GPS units attached are now complete with predictable and hopefully useful electronic shifting. Robobike has arrived!

Granted this is state of the art stuff and costs a bloody fortune, so the results are likely to trickle down to the common man in 3-5 years if I were to venture a guess. The trade off will be energy packs to recharge and eventually replace vs. cables to lube, adjust and replace. My only concern would be how much a shifter would cost to replace after a crash (and why am I wondering this...?)

We'll see if the gents riding with the Shimano gruppo can keep up with the Lance! Which BTW one can see here to San Diego this coming weekend up in north county. It'd be neat to see, but the crowds should be thick with bike nerds me thinks...

(Thank for the tip Ann)


Scratch that post below...

I rode all of 1.2 miles to Starbucks and back yesterday. The little man wanted his usual Saturday constitutional, which proved aggravating due to his attitude. I couldn't find the interest to ride anywhere, that and I left my bike shorts at work, not that I need them to ride, but it makes for a convenient excuse!

And now as I write the wife has left for the day so I'm at home puttering about listening to the little man banter with his friend about Star Wars, legos and all that a 7 year old will conjure up. Maybe I'll try my hand at wheel truing... I noticed after the tumble the front wheel has a bit of a wobble in it... Maybe...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fallen and can't get up

So it's been almost 2 weeks since I rode last, what will tomorrow bring? No rain I hope, I feel I should ride but in a way my passion has dropped off, other things crowd/cloud my mind to distraction. I'm not sure if my crash didn't cause me to lose some of my gusto, but me thinks it did. It doesn't help that my thigh still hurts, tho it doesn't seem to affect pedaling when I'm spinning at the gym. So I'll see how tomorrow goes and take a long tour of the neighborhood if conditions are decent.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Damn rain, damn pain

I actually like the rain and we need it, but I haven't ridden in a week. I'm not getting cagey yet probably just starting to gain some weight and lose muscle tone, tomorrow I'll know on the former as everyone in m group has been weighing in on Mondays as part of a group weight loss plan. Granted I have little to concern myself with here... 

On the latter point, muscles begin to atrophy after 72 hrs, so all that bitchin' tone you bagged over the weekend will be probably be lost by Thursday or Friday as I am told. And I've fallen behind on my daily rides so all that work I put in over the past 6 months is starting to go to pot.

Rain is forecast for Monday, so I may try the gym again at work. There's only one functional stationary bike so I'll need to go early and nab it before the lunchtime hoards make an appearance.

Ah well, so it goes...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

My commute... in pictures..

More or less, I ran into a problem midway...

So it's a 13+ mile trek to work from home and 15+ back the way I go and I do it once in awhile when I have the time. It's an hour each way regardless of conditions, mine or nature's. I do it because I can, it add's to my fitness and I ejoy (usually...) the challenge. Another fellow biker and Elantra owner Doohickie blogged this concept already and I found it a neat idea and wanted to give it a go, so go I did when the time presented itself to me.

The following is a visual representation of my commute, and although I was stopping or slowing to take pics, I managed to keep up my speed and complete the first leg in roughly the same time I would normally. So here it goes...

First things first:

Step 1: Prep your gear and kit the night before...
Step 2: Wake up. Early.
Step 3: Once suited up and ready, HTFU and get out there and ride no matter what it
feels like outside temperature wise. For some it may be in the minus temps, but here in So Cal we might see 25ยบ and my last ride in I did.
Step 4: Switch on your lights, fore and aft.

So to begin I hop on, fumble in the darkness with my clipless pedals and I take a left up my street -

I follow it around and come to the little street the dumps out onto Tierrasanta Bl, across from which lies the fueling station -

From here I roll east bound (and down) on Tierrasanta Bl, but instead of taking it across I-15 and thru that big wide canyon that has no bike lane and one major squeeze-play interchange, I turn right onto Santo and drop down onto Clairemont Mesa Bl and take a left there instead-

Not sure if you can see the other side of Tierrasanta Bl. -

First of the canyons, this one on Clairemont Mesa Bl is short and sweet with lots of expansion bumps in the asphalt -

The first of the freeway interchanges is up next and so is the first hill of any import (just beyond). It used to take all that I could muster to get up this thing, it's now relatively easy -

Clairemont Mesa Bl is roughly 5 miles of mixed commercial/residential depending on where you are along the way.

First up is all commercial.

Now anyone who has ever been to the 99 Ranch Market can attest to this: If you ever had any, and I mean any bias, prejudice or ill will toward Asian drivers, but did your best to hold back, toss aside or otherwise disregard those thoughts, this place will challenge them all over and quite possibly win. 'Bumper cars' was how one person described the parking lot, cars are backed up out into the street waiting to get in here...

Second freeway interchange and one reason I take a different way back-

The third interchange is coming up next. I had a school bus give me right of way when I was crossing the freeway on ramp one dark morning, rather nice I thought...

After this it becomes mostly residential with plenty of on street parking. Plenty... so lots of car doors, and another reason I like to take a different route at quitin' time -

This continues unabated until one turns right on Genesee and then preps themselves for a joy ride. But first more parked cars... Then a nice 4-6% grade to the bottom where one can find yet another freeway on ramp and off ramp as well as nice trails in Marion Bear park for mountain biking or gay trysting... ( so a hetero co-worker tells me...):

Tipping point -

Nice place to hit 40+ mph, I like to keep it around 25 or 30 to keep the disaster potential from reaching epic proportions at 5am-

And back up again, get to shifting onto the large cogs.... The first of the Lartigue photos...

You crest at Governor and then head down the next hill repeat -

WooHoo! Oh yeah watch those manhole covers...!

Recently a military jet crashed a quarter mile east of this school...

And back up to UTC and the Golden triangle, the property may be golden alright but the streets are paved with shit-

Just a taste...

You take Genesee up to East Point drive and you see La Jolla Country Day on the left, an expensive school for the well to do around San Diego. Take a left here -

Turn right at the end and this takes you into USCD territory. I found this ancient relic that I had been told about, so I checked it out. It had been protected inside with plexiglass...

Cool old graffiti from WWII... in pencil no less-

Going past the Pruess School and into UCSD...

Where you'll pass by some interesting architecture-

And I stop if I'm driving a car, otherwise I passively ignore these to suit my needs (sorry guys...)

One more small hill-

At the top of that hill you take a left and go past the athletic fields and the gym and onto the corner of North Torrey Pines Rd and Genesee, where you'll take a right to the light then take a left at John Jay Hopkins Dr. All the while making sure traffic is favorable...

I usually take the first right at John Jay Hopkins Court, but since the next one is more interesting blog wise (hell if you made it thus far...) as it is General Atomics Court and the site of the big bronze turd. So everyone I know describes as such, people who don't work in the area but have seen it say the same thing. Turns out a neighbor works for The Scripps Institute and knows about the statue. He said it is supposed to be a wave. A wave... Hmmm looks like a turd. Not one of modern art's better moments...

So it was at this point I turned around and traveled back the way I had came, through UCSD and up to Eastgate Mall by La Jolla Country Day. Instead of taking a right at Genesee, I head straight on Eastgate Mall through the 'Golden Triangle' with the paved with shit roads which makes it's way across the 805 and right into Miramar Road.

The air base is here, it was once the Top Gun training facility when the Navy had it. It's been military land since before anyone reading this was born or their parents. Now it's in the hands of the Marines due to BRAC.

At Miramar I take a left and head down it and it's wonderful asphalt atrocities-

Ok, so all is fine and I'm rolling along at a decent clip. I've been down this road before more than a few times. But up ahead, there's a sign just before the railroad tracks telling bicyclists to "Dismount and walk across tracks".. walk across, ha! More like crash!

And that's where the riding ended. I had to call in for SAG support as my leg was in too much pain for me to HTFU and carry on. I walked across the road to a Winchell's for some band aids. A guy in a Steeler's jersey offered me some Purel to clean my hands with, after which I sat down and sorted myself out a bit. Later I drove myself to the ER for a look see because the leg pain was enough to generate caution and concern. Nothing was damaged other than pride, some bike parts and my thigh muscles on the right side. Oh well so it goes...

I had shot more stuff in the car as we took the route home that I would have taken, but I think the moral of this story is thus:

Always be ready for the worst, prepare yourself for the crash. Carry a cell phone or change, having a small first aid kit maybe a good idea if you're far from services of any kind and above all watch yourself on those damn rubber tiled railroad track crossings...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Caio Mathias!

Karol and I say this to you dear sir:

The Japanese car is now on it's way to Finland on the Barcelona from America sent by a German, helped by a Polock and loaded by Mexicans...

Enjoy Helsinki!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

50 years ago...

So like a zillion other pages across the internets today, I'm adding mine as Mr. Buddy Holly has had more than his share of influence in my musical life in one form or another. Instead of blathering on and giving you a laundry list of ways in which the estimable Buddy Holly has held court on my musical leanings, I'll go and find a nice snazzy pic to post and mention this one short story:

18 Years ago when The Unknowns were in France on tour with Bruce Joyner, we played a rousing gig at the Club Ubu in Rennes and the crowd begged for an encore, and then another and then yet another. I love the French because they are not only enthusiastic but are vocally so and they do not let you go until they've become so drunk on you, they keel over and yell for more. It's kinda like making love and doing so only for the other person and continuing until you both expire in a heap of flesh.

Ok that was a bit more than I expected to say, but well it's how I felt that night. The audience would not let us stop until we were all in a heap together, spent from our mutual combustion. So we had one more song left in us and we felt that a Buddy Holly song was best and so we chose 'Well...Alright', one of the simplest and beautiful songs he ever wrote. We played the song as it was originally recorded in Norman Petty's studio, just guitar, bass and cymbal played on the floor with vocals. So Craig pulled his ride cymbal off the stand came out front and sat down to play. It was the funnest and most rewarding time I ever recalled playing a song for anybody. Period.

Thanks Buddy...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Time flies... 40 is the new 20, but 60 is still 60

So this past Saturday I go and see the old rivals, the Penetrators down at the Casbah. They were in fine form considering the amount of time since I'd last seen them (1982?) and such and so forth. There's a lot of water under that bridge, and time has mended some fences I guess so I went to enjoy and take in my youth all over again.

It was immediately noted by myself and later validated by an old friend (and you still look marvelous my dear!), that the average age was well into the 50's and probably older and we were out flanked by the geriatric scenesters. I felt young again, real young (which was later validated by the fact I could squeeze into size 29 skinny hipster Levis 511's, but adult sensibility kept me from buying them). My wee bit o'gray hair now seemed insignificant compared to the white and gray tresses flowing that night.

Opening up the show were Manual Scan (missed them, they must have started at 9pm), The Latino Uncles (El Vez and Mario Escovedo) and The Loons (Mike Stax and Anya, his wife). Since I didn't see Manual Scan and haven't seen them since the last reunion back in 2001, I have nothing to report other than I trust they can still hold it together well as they have in the past. The Latino Uncles were a riot, a righteous one at that and with El Vez's and Mario's Latin gesticulations and animated stage presence how could one not but laugh, sing along and at a minimum stamp one's foot.

The Loons are well, loons. You have to be crazy to get up on stage, turn back the hands of time that far and get it right to boot, plus making a racket that one might enjoy. What I didn't enjoy was the fact that there was no stage, it was cramped in the back bar, the sound was meh at best and I had a lousy spot in which to shoot photos. So I went back to the main area and scoped out a place before the Pen's hit the stage and got a Guinness as well. All was fine until I spilled part of god's ambrosia onto my photo gear. Rats... I tried my best to blow the liquid out of anything I could see (which wasn't much...) thank god the flash worked as I not excited about the built in one.

Gary Heffern hit the stage and everyone was ready to relive the glory days, which admittedly the Pens amply and ably provided. I only heard a few gaffs somewhere between the guitar and bass, but for the most part they played well and threw in a new song or two of which Gary needed some prompting from a sheet of paper. Jeff Kamack provided drumming as Dan McClain had sadly departed sometime back, but did his job with authority and dignity. Joyce Rooks later joined them onstage for a few songs, I hadn't seen her since 1981 and she still looked as sweet as ever. Scott Harrington, an original member also joined them for the set and provided steady Les Paul meat to Chris Davies' tortured Fender wranglings.

It had been pointed out a few weeks back at another reunion gig by Lydia B. Tim LaMadrid that that evening was our high school reunion, and it sure felt that way that night as well as this past Saturday. So throw into the barrel that it was my birthday recently and I'm getting all wistful and whatnot...

oh crap now I gotta dust off some other memories I suppose. Or not...

Here's some pics for posterity

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ongoing list #3


-BMI -> Done. No royalties for me lol..A least they know where I am now.

-The Lemond needed some further tweaking so I brought it home and did just that. Now it's raining and the forecast is more of
the same so I test that when possible.

I need to do some of the other items now as well as get something to hold the shed roof up, like hatch pistons... ;)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Accomplishments...

For You Doohickie:

I can fit one more in there for sure. The trick is this: loosen up the handlebars, turn them 45° and viola! Nesting them by putting one facing left then one facing right also helps.

I put the 170mm cranks on the LeMond, rode it on a shakedown ride today and brought it back to tighten up the bottom bracket (that I took out to inspect, clean and relube). I'll try again tomorrow to see if that helped. Chain is clean and lubed.

Laurie bought some tires today.

To do:

I need to call BMI and sort out my account

I need to write Marti Emerald an email concerning Kearney Villa road, since it's in her district. Paste a link to the Bike Forums thread discussing it in detail...


Stem and handlebars...

Weston! Clean Your Room!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

One liners for the week

So I biked in the past 3 days, got 4-5 hours of sleep each night and I'm feeling fine!

I'm well on my way to the Denny's discount as of Wednesday.

My shoulder still hurts and I need to have that looked at before it falls off or I become a zombie.

The shed's built but needs to be cleared of construction debris and filled with bikes.

I need to put the 170mm cranks I finally got onto the LeMond, and I need to clean and oil the chain.

I need to order a shorter stem and wider bars for the LeMond.

Laurie needs tires.

Weston needs to clean his room.

Thank you Tim for scanning the Unknowns pics.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time for shed

Ah yes finally the shed is done... OK I need to get all the tools and crap out of it and put away, but all the cutting, cursing, banging and screwing (hmmm that sounds mildly randy...) is fini! And here's some pics to prove my prowess in the shed:

Hopefully Saturday it will see some action, bike action...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Good in shed...

So my holiday time was spent (and I'm still spending or rather projecting spending...) building a shed for the bikes:

Winging it takes time, but then I fly by the seat of my pants so hold on!
Thanks to Mag the Tool Gal, a master of the pun and tape measure...


Update, for Doohickie who asked for a DIY, here's some links to the sites that I got my design (mostly) from.

Basically I came up with my own dimensions based on what I thought I'd need for 3-4 bikes by simply placing them on a tile floor and counting the tiles. I left out the front brace to facilitate easy bike entry (but makes squaring up the frame rather difficult).

When trucking lumber home in an Elantra Hatchback, 2x4's and such can slide in fine and may stick out. But plywood is another matter. I had to have it all cut up to suit both the shed and what will fit into the car. It was a bit of a pain but it all worked. I did have to go back in with a couple of pieces to have them cut again...

Measure 5 times and cut once... okay twice, but make the first cut on the other side of the line.