Monday, March 23, 2009

Power up!

Well it hasn't been a year since I bought the iPhone (used mind you...) but the battery seems to be needing a replacement. The amount that I use the device in a given day hasn't changed radically but the battery amount left at the end of the day has.

So do I send it off for a replacement and a small fortune (OK about 75-100 dollars) and leave the work to someone else? Or do I just pay some pittance for the parts (and a useful tool) and do this all myself?

Why hell folks that's a rhetorical question! Naturally I do it my damn self!

I can operate a soldering iron and I've taken apart many a small electronic device so what am I waiting for? The parts of course, I just ordered them...


Doohickie said...

Get a free phone from your phone service; they usually let you get one every two years.

That's what this cheap b@st@rd does, anyway.

popeye cahn said...

I bought the thing used and in doing so didn't have to enter into a 2 year contract, but good idea nonetheless :)