Tuesday, February 03, 2009

50 years ago...

So like a zillion other pages across the internets today, I'm adding mine as Mr. Buddy Holly has had more than his share of influence in my musical life in one form or another. Instead of blathering on and giving you a laundry list of ways in which the estimable Buddy Holly has held court on my musical leanings, I'll go and find a nice snazzy pic to post and mention this one short story:

18 Years ago when The Unknowns were in France on tour with Bruce Joyner, we played a rousing gig at the Club Ubu in Rennes and the crowd begged for an encore, and then another and then yet another. I love the French because they are not only enthusiastic but are vocally so and they do not let you go until they've become so drunk on you, they keel over and yell for more. It's kinda like making love and doing so only for the other person and continuing until you both expire in a heap of flesh.

Ok that was a bit more than I expected to say, but well it's how I felt that night. The audience would not let us stop until we were all in a heap together, spent from our mutual combustion. So we had one more song left in us and we felt that a Buddy Holly song was best and so we chose 'Well...Alright', one of the simplest and beautiful songs he ever wrote. We played the song as it was originally recorded in Norman Petty's studio, just guitar, bass and cymbal played on the floor with vocals. So Craig pulled his ride cymbal off the stand came out front and sat down to play. It was the funnest and most rewarding time I ever recalled playing a song for anybody. Period.

Thanks Buddy...

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