Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So once again I blow off the dust here and scramble up some words for the Google bots to parse. So without further adieu here we go...

It was over 5 years ago that I wrote this:

And for the most part it held true, but then the following March I fell off the wagon, quite literally when I crashed the bike (not seriously in the least) and took a hiatus until March of 2013. I had sold the LeMond to a co-worker and was without a proper road bike for a while so I found a vintage French marque to ply the roads on:
A late 80's Vitus, bonded aluminum frame, downtube shifters with 7 speeds, no waiting. It was great to be riding again, rode all around the place, made some mods and then decided to get a nicer bike. One reason is that the bonded frames tend to fail after time/fatigue and although this particular one had not I found a spot that the joint looked suspect (even though it was a non-critical area). So I started looking at titanium frames, which of course don't always come cheap. Merlin, Litespeed, Moots, Seven, Lynksy, Serotta... Hmmm Serotta. Ah yes here's one, late 90's Legend Ti dinged top tube, that always scares the punters away! 

 A complete tear-down and rebuild with new parts yielded a fine bike. I've changed the bars and stem since this was taken but it's been a faithful steed that has weathered several thousand miles and 2 crashes without much incident other than a trashed wheel and then a gaffed shifter that took a while to sort. 
But naturally the eye wanders here at SMF...
and now there's the other woman. French in origin and carbon in design. No pictures as yet, she's still a clandestine lover, but in due course I suppose. Meanwhile I'll just have to spread the love around like a flower child at a Dead concert.