Sunday, February 08, 2009

Damn rain, damn pain

I actually like the rain and we need it, but I haven't ridden in a week. I'm not getting cagey yet probably just starting to gain some weight and lose muscle tone, tomorrow I'll know on the former as everyone in m group has been weighing in on Mondays as part of a group weight loss plan. Granted I have little to concern myself with here... 

On the latter point, muscles begin to atrophy after 72 hrs, so all that bitchin' tone you bagged over the weekend will be probably be lost by Thursday or Friday as I am told. And I've fallen behind on my daily rides so all that work I put in over the past 6 months is starting to go to pot.

Rain is forecast for Monday, so I may try the gym again at work. There's only one functional stationary bike so I'll need to go early and nab it before the lunchtime hoards make an appearance.

Ah well, so it goes...

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