Monday, March 23, 2009

Power up!

Well it hasn't been a year since I bought the iPhone (used mind you...) but the battery seems to be needing a replacement. The amount that I use the device in a given day hasn't changed radically but the battery amount left at the end of the day has.

So do I send it off for a replacement and a small fortune (OK about 75-100 dollars) and leave the work to someone else? Or do I just pay some pittance for the parts (and a useful tool) and do this all myself?

Why hell folks that's a rhetorical question! Naturally I do it my damn self!

I can operate a soldering iron and I've taken apart many a small electronic device so what am I waiting for? The parts of course, I just ordered them...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Opps I did it again...

Well I've gone and done it again.... I've bought another camera and am getting back into the swing of photography. What I really wish is that this time I'd take it seriously enough to go somewhere with it, I feel I'm trying this time but as Yoda wisely said once "there is no try, only do". So do I must.

Oh wait I forgot to mention I'm talking film here... I have a digital camera, but I wanted to shoot film and delve into the 'process' again as much as possible.

I've owned plenty of cameras in the past, oh the tales my wallet and credit cards could tell, but I want to look past all that previous excess and foolish endeavoring and get to the point of the matter.

My main objective is that I have an opportunity that I want to not so much 'exploit' but to take advantage of as a jumping off point for a furtherance of my passion. Wish me luck and send me flowers or better yet rolls of film and bottles of developer...