Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend wrap up...

So what's in the news... iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, rainstorms, iPhone, iPhone, more terror in Britain, iPhone, iPhone... I'll just ask you to use your imagination instead of me attempting some foolish analysis that inevitably falls short of the mark. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam...

Ah it's that time again blog fans (are there any here today, yesterday, anyday...?) for Spamcetera! Here's the latest and greatest:

Good Day,

My name is Mr Feng Zhao,an external auditor for the United Overseas Bank,Singapore,working as part of a bigger team that
covers the entire Asian region.

An investor died without naming a next of kin to his fund in my bank.The amount is $15.7M and banking regulation/legislation in
Singapore demand that i notify the fiscal authorities after three years.The above set of facts underscores my reason to seek your
permission to have you stand as the next of kin to the deceased investor.This funds will be approve and release in your favour as
the next of kin if only you will adhere to my instruction and cooperate with me in one accord.

I have all the legal and Banking details of my deceased client that will facilitate our putting you forward as the claimant/beneficiary
of the funds and ultimately transfer of the $15.7M plus interest to any bank account nominated by you.I am prepared to
compensate you with a 20% share of the total funds for your efforts.The final details will be given upon receipt an affirmation of
your desire to participate.

Please contact me through my email private addresses below as time is of the essence in this business.Also endeavor to forward
the underlisted details below to my email address.

I wait in anticipation of your fullest co-operation.


I do expect you prompt response.

Thank you,

Mr. Feng Zhao

Here let me give you that urgently requested personal info so you can deposit all those funds into my account(s) and I can get on with my life and $3m or 20% of nothing...which ever is more realistic...

Here is that info:

FULL NAME: Hugo Z. Hackenbush
DATE OF BIRTH: 06/06/1944
OCCUPATION: Nigerian Scam artiste
TELEPHONE NUMBER: 1.800.555.1212 x666
FAX NUMBER: 1.800.555.1212 x0000
AND POSTAL ADDRESS: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC 02121