Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's Coming Tonight!

Slackin' off...

Yeah as the title says, I've been slackin' off in the riding dept. I guess I could give the usual reasons; It's been cold, rainy (true), I hurt my knee, I need to get another stem for the LeMond and a fit, I've had issues keeping the tubes airtight... All legit reasons mind you save for the fact that I own 4 bikes and if I can't ride outside I can hit the gym at work and spin (4 machines but only 1 works right). Bah!

What gives then?

Have I reached the plateau of challenging myself and now I'm using any reason to keep from riding? Or am I overwhelmed with other things that I need to tend to more so than riding? Or is it some of all of the aforementioned?

Me thinks that's the cause. After 5 months of steady riding, things have caught up and need attention around me including myself and the bikes. Time to refocus.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Full commute

OK this time it was for real, I rode the bike to work and from work. Getting there is easy as cake, one reason: Few cars to consider. The ride home however is fraught with cagers coming from all directions and all wanting the same thing, to be home themselves.

I did improve my lighting rig with higher lumen flashlight by Coleman and scoring a great mount from Todson. I also got some fleece lined gloves, which worked so well I needed to change to the normal pair halfway there.

More blinkies are desired for the rear of the bike to create greater visibility. Word has it the 99 cent stores may have a decent option for 99 cents...