Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Accomplishments...

For You Doohickie:

I can fit one more in there for sure. The trick is this: loosen up the handlebars, turn them 45° and viola! Nesting them by putting one facing left then one facing right also helps.

I put the 170mm cranks on the LeMond, rode it on a shakedown ride today and brought it back to tighten up the bottom bracket (that I took out to inspect, clean and relube). I'll try again tomorrow to see if that helped. Chain is clean and lubed.

Laurie bought some tires today.

To do:

I need to call BMI and sort out my account

I need to write Marti Emerald an email concerning Kearney Villa road, since it's in her district. Paste a link to the Bike Forums thread discussing it in detail...


Stem and handlebars...

Weston! Clean Your Room!!!!!


Doohickie said...

It's bigger than I thought it was!

popeye cahn said...

Yeah I'm concerned that it may have to stay if I move out of this place! I'll figure that out when that time comes (hopefully a few years off...).

Snowiee said...


Nice job!