Wednesday, August 29, 2007

L'altra donna

The lure of the Italian opera is calling me again, and I may be near the breaking point and just pull the lever (um watch out for the puns). Damn the torpedoes, full throttle ahead! The biggest issues holding me back are cost and risk factor. The cost I can avoid by getting an clean older example of Bologna's finest, but the risk factor can only be mitigated by proper training and saddle time. I plan on taking the MSF course soon if I make acquisition, then it's riding time again with all the proper gear...

As far as bikes, I'm torn between an older era, low HP model in the Cagiva Alazzurra and a newer somewhat higher HP sport model such as a early 90's 750ss or a 2003 620ss.

Of course the rationale here is all over the map, I like the concept of the Alazzurra as something to get back in the saddle with and learn wrenching bikes all over again, but it's an older model and kinda rare but by all accounts though it's a decent handling bike with modest power and what not. And on the other hand the 750ss looks so damn nice that you want to ride even if you're tethered to an iron lung, but both of these are carbed models which have their high marks and flat spots... now the 620ss is fuel injected and gives one the feeling of needing to hit the road running and not looking back, all the while not having any of the quirks of carbed bikes, of which there can be plenty if one hasn't sorted them out.

I started this back last year with the latest Sport Classic models, but as they are at least 10k and just a wee bit outta my league, that was a non starter. Monsters looked promising, but I'm just not a street fighter. The 620 multistrada had has a really good chance, but the Terblanche styling still kinda rubs me the wrong way, and again the price is a bit more than I felt I could (or should...) hack right now unless purchased used. Both are very good bikes though by all accounts.

Well I guess we'll see how it goes for the next week as the fever builds up in my soul and I need to make a decision...

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