Saturday, August 18, 2007

New iMac

And what a change it is, after maxing out the RAM, it's teh snappy as they say especially compared to the old mini. Hopefully it takes me to 2010, ah when we make contact...

Migrating accounts and such was a real gas, I do it so often I forget all the settings and options. At least Apple makes it rather simple.

The new keyboards are interesting, I'm not much of a typist so it seems fine. I type as poorly on this as I did on the previous style KB, actually I think I'm a little faster and confident, maybe it's all in my head. Usually is I've found. It certainly is quieter and less clunky feeling than most, oh the Dell KB at work is positively clunky and wobbly -and it's new.

Now I need to sort out all these hard drives and the data they contain. It's like a virtual garage, basement and attic combined. Thank gawd it's just bits and bytes, I'm still unpacking from the move this past March.

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