Saturday, October 06, 2007

I love pain

Please bring me some more.

Last Friday saw me in the ER with what turned out to be gastritis. I thought it was an abdominal blockage or a midget stuck in my gut trying to hack himself out with a knife, damn the pain! It was akin to kidney stones but without the shear intensity of stabbing that that ailment brings to the sufferer (and I have been one of them on several occasions).

The nurse gave me a cocktail of Lidocane (numb the surface of the stomach and esophagus), Simethicone (gas), Donigel (Bella Donna- muscle relaxant), some antacid (obvious) and Phenobarbital I think (to relax me?). It worked a charm, wasn't near as bad as the nurse said it would be and I was feeling myself soon after taking it. Yay drugs!

So how I came into this it seems was from extended use of NSAIDs for my elbow. I was using 600mgs of Ibuprofen regularly as well as aspirin on occasion to relieve the pain from this damnable tennis elbow (I haven't played in 30 years...). I had been trying to work the problem through with home remedy, but now I need to let the physicians have their way with me... or at least my elbow.

Now I have to lay off caffeine, spicy foods and booze for awhile. Damn.

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