Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Time to be moving on...

Looks like a northerly direction will be in the cards, and if things don't work out then it's on the buyer's dime not mine. I guess I'll miss the old place and all that came and went with living here. A lot has transpired and a lot of nothing as well. I never made my first million, didn't bag 'The Big One', Haven't won the lottery. I did how ever manage to survive some dismal periods of my life with relative success and came out on top almost without trying. I must be mostly Irish after all...

We tried to recall some of the past residents the other day, some both of us remembered, some only either one of us did, and their cars and habits as well and some we both had a hard time recalling much of anything about that person. Tried to remember the residents at the previous place on Palm as well, funny how time flies and memories fade. A good deal of people that were here when we arrived are still here, still plugging away at life. Some have of course moved on, some have died; Here's to Joe the WWII vet, Arlene and the lady in 24 who the HOA had to place a lien on her place after not paying the HOA fee for some time, and to Richard whom I went to high school with and never met him 'til I moved a few doors down from him. Oh well so it goes.

And after 4 years of being an HOA board member and putting up with the typical crap, I did see the place get painted (oh what a battle for something so simple), the parking lot resurfaced twice (currently ongoing second resurface), new management company (a near disaster), numerous notices to residents, 4 years of Christmas trees in the dumpster after 4 years of notes telling them to do otherwise. New mailboxes and new laundry equipment (of course just as we're leaving the place) thanks to yours truly and plenty of other nonsense that I hope to avoid in my future as a renter.

Also during the past 4 years I have scraped, textured and painted the ceilings. Painted just about every surface at least once. Installed a new stove, dishwasher, AC unit, ceiling fan and kitchen sink. I did not install those low E vinyl frame windows we had discussed very early in our stay or add a washer/dryer area anywhere within the 999 sq feet we called home. I did break a plate glass window in a fit of rage and then paid $66 to have it repaired after removing it and taking it to the place while I waited. And then in another fit I punched a closet door and had to repair that. The key is using expanding foam and Bondo. After it's dried, sand it smooth, primer and paint. You'll never know I lost my temper into that door.

Yeah I guess I'll miss the old place, but I will have my memories and though we'll reminisce from time to time, those too shall fade... Somewhat.

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