Thursday, February 08, 2007

The great migration

Ah yes so now the fun begins, addresses both real and virtual must be ordered, created and changed, new phone number and area code and then remember who I should inform of these changes. That's the fun part. Oh yeah ordering up all the necessary services and what not, then getting to know the surroundings.

I did scope out the gas station and grocery store, 2 important suburban life requirements and there's a reasonable looking Italian place in that same mini mall along with a donut shop, independent video store and a host of other stuff that should prove interesting from a reconnaissance angle. I haven't seen any bars or lounges of note yet, but there's plenty of time for that soon enough.

The boxes are piling up at the condo and are eagerly awaiting transport, I am not eagerly waiting to move them though. Does anyone ever enjoy moving? The change is good, but the getting there is sometimes a bear. Last time wasn't too bad and hopefully this one won't be either. And don't be prayin' for rain...

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