Friday, October 07, 2005

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but...

I applaud Trent Reznor for providing budding musicians and pros alike with several songs in an multi-track, editable format. I missed the first download, but jumped on the second thinking of the possibilities and such. So I registered and looked forward to having fun with actual music tracks in GarageBand.

Boy was I disappointed.

Sure it's a song as far as songs go, and it is editable (to a degree), but wow what a laaamme song. Now I'm no NIN fan and couldn't tell you one tune from TR and crew, so I have no idee what kind of tunesmith TR is, and well it's obvious he's a creative gent and all but this offering seems to be pure fodder.

Sorry bro, but the feigned angst and thin premise of a concept coupled with a few cheap "Only fucking you"s thrown in (come on...) on top of a dull melody really put me off doing much more than adding cavernous reverb, distortion to several instruments and voice and generally forgetting about the whole thing. The high points were the opening bars of the piano/drums/synth and the ending note.

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