Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Voodoo Chile (...A Slight Return)

  It's been awhile, but then as is typical few come by this way to know, care or comment so I guess it matters not. This then is my "Been a goddamned long time" post and while nothing may occur within these margins the attempt is made to restart the flow of mental dross that sometimes reads well, sometimes falls flat. Mostly it allows me to take a load off and just have a laugh at no one's expense.

  To update then it's been close to two years now and little Elliot is coming along just fine, he's a little slow on vocalizing though but by all accounts he's just not ready to speak. All the other metrics seem fine and he communicates and understands typical for his age. The challenge of being middle age and having a toddler though is at times tough, for keeping up with younguns is a younger person's sport as my joints don't respond as well as they used to and my brain isn't as plastic as it once was but I will get through this and make it to retirement... I should hope anyways.

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