Saturday, March 13, 2010

Done deal

It's taking over, and it's really all over except for the scanning. I've shot dozens of rolls of film that may never see the light of day. Some recently, some from the past. I wished I had the fortitude that others seem to possess to soup, make a contact sheet and then print this stuff. I just don't anymore, it's not so much the work but the time it takes to accomplish all the various tasks. If I did for a day job or I was an artist or even god forbid an actual photographer it would make more sense. And even if I don't print the stuff, scanning is an arduous task that I don't look forward to (thank you Nikonscan...) let alone provide disk space for it all.

So I am planning on selling off my Leica M6 body and returning to an all digital realm. I'll still have some film cameras one a toy (Holga) and the other very retro (old Leica) to fulfill any filmic desires I may still have buried deep within me. I should probably shoot those rolls of infrared film first though...

Film, I raise my glass to you and your friends who still have it in their heart to romance the emulsion, cheers!

En route from Deutscheland today is an M8 to nuzzle up to all the M-mount lenses in the house and to help defray the cost the M6 must go next month along with some other things. It'll be worth it all in all. I still have a great film camera (even though it's pretty old school), so if the need arises I have an option.


Doohickie said...

I'm a luddite on many issues, but digital's the way to go when it comes to photography. No muss, no fuss, no remorse for wasting film on crappy pictures. Take a crappy picture? Delete it. Done.

popeye cahn said...

Indeed, but in this day and age it's a zen process and there are tangible results from using it both seen and unseen. I just don't feel I need them or have use for them at this point in my life/art. Look at it like an oil v. acrylic paint kind of thing (not that I paint...).