Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Slackin' off...

Yeah as the title says, I've been slackin' off in the riding dept. I guess I could give the usual reasons; It's been cold, rainy (true), I hurt my knee, I need to get another stem for the LeMond and a fit, I've had issues keeping the tubes airtight... All legit reasons mind you save for the fact that I own 4 bikes and if I can't ride outside I can hit the gym at work and spin (4 machines but only 1 works right). Bah!

What gives then?

Have I reached the plateau of challenging myself and now I'm using any reason to keep from riding? Or am I overwhelmed with other things that I need to tend to more so than riding? Or is it some of all of the aforementioned?

Me thinks that's the cause. After 5 months of steady riding, things have caught up and need attention around me including myself and the bikes. Time to refocus.

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