Thursday, November 20, 2008

Second commute...

Rode in today and being that it's a workday it counts more so than Sunday's ride. I did however drive home... in the Co-worker's truck. We borrowed it to move an entertainment center after work.

The ride was chilly and became foggy once I reached the first descent on Genesee. That cleared up on the other side but picked up when I got into the UCSD area. My hands got a bit too cold and I almost lost my light, it slipped out of it's mooring halfway along. And of course I forgot my ID badge... in my car! Had to get a temp from security.

I felt great afterwards and for most of the rest of the day, yay cycling!

I do think it's time to get a proper fit on the LeMond, I've been getting by on using the Kona as a template for adjustments, which may be an OK starting place but I feel I need to have a fine tuning.

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