Monday, October 27, 2008

Mt Soledad

So on Sunday, I thought I'd climb Mount Soledad. On the bike that is... It's a nice ride but a bit of a climb for a newbie on a singlespeed but I had nothing to lose, so I went for it and 12 or so miles later here I was:

It's about 25 miles round trip and took me 2 hours or so counting the stops I made along the way, one of which was a bike swap meet at Hi-Tech bikes. Who could resist? I had to stop on the way back, just in case I missed anything of course...

My fav part was eyeing the architecture in La Jolla on Soledad. It's all mid century rambling California ranch designs save the occasional oddball box that shoots up out of nowhere looking like the Metabalife corporate HQ or some bad refurb from 1989, or worse the late 90's early 00's when the granite countertop/stainless mentality flooded the rehab scene and everyone decided to obliterate the old with a coat of bland stucco and new double-paned windows...

Some good climbs and descents kept me tight in the saddle and today my gams are letting me know my age just a bit more than usual.

Anyhow, I'll have to include the route on longer trips, especially if I spring for a geared bike.

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Snowiee said...


Wow, what a great view from the top! Do you know the elevation of the climb?

Has anyone told you you're insane?
And yet you amaze me.

I don't think I could climb that will all my gears...although it looks like it would be fun!
Painful, but fun.