Friday, September 08, 2006

Bring out yer dead!

My home is beginning to become a repository for loved one's ashes... I say beginning because I have only 2 remains at the moment. I wonder when it will increase in number and other loved ones cremains begin to play musical chairs and I'll have to play host to dead people/animals.

My wife's cat's ashes were the first to take up resting here for what seems to be enternity. I thought ashes were either to be placed into some cemetary/resting area for dead loved ones or (preferred...) scattered in some place that the 'loved one' loved to go and such.

'Pepper' was cremated a few years back and has been sitting in a nice white cardboard box waiting for well ah Godot for all I know back behind some books on the bookshelf. We had thought of scattering her back in Georgia, her home state but that is yet (as you know) to happen.

Sooooo.... today my wife informs me that the neighbor's relation has dropped off her (the neighbor) husband's (common law) ashes because he was not able to access her place. But now get this, half of them. His mother wanted them as well, so I guess they decided to do a 50/50 split. And she feels that they need to be placed into her hands without her daughter's knowledge. The thought being that she might be curious and open up the bag containing them. And by the way my neighbor and her mother in law are like this: @#*$^%&!!!

Oh the joy of familial relations.

So now his ashes (or ah half of them...) are sitting not far from Pepper's waiting for delivery, which I hope and will see to it, is tomorrow... God willing of course and I don't find myself in a position to end up on the shelf in a box during the night.

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