Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What's that popping sound?

Ah yes that be the housing market... having had the condo up for sale almost a year now (over a year, but a water leak prevented us from making a solid go of it last year starting in May), few call, fewer come to look and no one is making any offers even though the unit is priced below current average (or so we think...). I had comtemplated on having the carpet pulled and wood flooring done and even installing a big screen TV, but it was pointed to me that regardless of what one is offering, no one seems to really be looking.

It's summer for christ's sake, where is everyone? Hiding out in a safe place from theimpending explosion, that's where. What a bust, we had hoped to have been moved out by this time last year, pocketed our tidy profit set up retirement funds, paid off debts etc, etc but as mentioned a small disaster prevented the unit from being put on the market. Oh well, so it goes and here we are going out of the prime season for sales and back into the doldrums.

Foo... now I gotta consider either taking far less or worse, refinancing and staying put or if the cashflow would work renting it out and breaking even or taking a small loss. Laurie is tired of living here, and I am too to some degree but if push comes to shove it may come to that if it can't be rented. Hmmm not good...

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