Monday, June 26, 2006

It's trash I smell and other observations/rants of the day

The breath of the morning
I keep forgetting.
The smell of the warm summer air.

I live in a town
where you can't smell a thing,
you watch your feet
for cracks in the pavement.

I woke up, did my daily ritual and went out to the car to go to work. Funny thing the day smelled like trash. It did, really. Never smelled it before and not sure why now. I've smelled it other places most notably at the 805/52 interchange, there's a dump there. Smell it there most balmy mornings, never when it's cold, damp or rainy. I don't look forward to smelling it by my house tomorrow or any other day frankly.


Why do they ride your ass, and I'm not just talking in a relationship but on the freeway at 60-70-80mph. I see it all the time, occasionally I'll see some dude doing it, but mostly gals. What's up with that ladies??? Give us some room please...

Cellphones and driving. Yes we all do it to one degree or another, but I think the female side of humanity tends to gravitate more towards this behaviour than men, at least from what I can see, and we're not talkin' just a quick burst of gab it appears that major, life changing decisions are being discussed . OK, so that's ancedotal, do you want me to run some studies? While driving?


I observed today that most WalMart shoppers cannot park properly. Granted this is not just a WM phenom, but it seems that a high percentage of them have trouble getting their (usually giant assed truck/SUV) vehicle reasonable straight in the dock. I did noticed I wasn't that much better though...

Trash and more trash. The parking lot is also probably one of the dirtiest I've seen for such a new establishment. Granted their open late or even 24/7 but man talk about crap everywhere and the vehicles the average shopper drives, they drip more oil, tranny fluid, coolant and whatnot than is allowed by the EPA.

*Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead

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